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When a user of email tools logs into their account, they are exposed to different types of danger each time. Among these cyber attacks, the most common are the different types of attacks related to spam such as malware, viruses, phishing, ransomware and spam. The use of messaging tools has entered everyone’s daily routine to the point of becoming one of the main means of personal and professional communication. However, these tools, as powerful as they are, often expose their users to risks each time they open incoming mail.  Whether through viruses, spam or malware, online attacks through email are important. That’s why Magento Development or Ecommerce Development Company encourages us to put in place measures for the protection of e-mail addresses, as well as the security of e-mails.

5 Amazing Secrets about Spam Protection

Spam It is a process of sending a recipient a multitude of messages that he has not solicited. These messages account for nearly 90% of email traffic and quickly become harmful to businesses. They are indeed a vector of different types of malicious media and viruses.  They also cause unnecessary bandwidth congestion and rapid storage space congestion. Spam is one of the most common attacks on the Net and requires many companies to turn to professional anti-spam solutions to guard against it. These are services that have several interesting tools like anti-spam and anti-ransomware filters.

How to react to spam When you receive spam, do not open it. First, it may contain viruses that will contaminate your computer when you open the message.  Also, if you are using Outlook-style messaging, do not display the message preview as this may be enough to be contaminated. It is better to transfer them directly to their trash or to transfer them to the folder “junk mail”. From then on, all messages from this sender will go directly to this folder. Never buy anything from spam. Do not click on the links in a spam. From the moment you have opened a spam or even bought something from it, the “spammers” will be certain that you use your mailbox and will continue to flood you with unsolicited commercial messages. Also, never respond to spam, even to ask to no longer receive them. This will only confirm that you are using this email address.On a website, do not give your address without knowing how it will be used. Always uncheck the boxes “authorize this site to send you its promotional offers” etc.

It is therefore doubly useful to protect yourself so as not to be invaded by useless data on his mailbox and to prevent infection of his PC with a virus or spyware. So here are 5 amazing secrets about spam protection

1.     The anti-spam filter First, be aware that junk mail is always news. Be more than ever suspicious of any e-mail from an unknown sender, pay particular attention to emails that look like requests from friends and / or contain links and encourage you to click on them, and never reply to spammers who manage to infiltrate your inbox and bypass spam filters.  Nowadays, very often, junk mail disguises and pretends to come from legitimate sources such as Facebook, your bank or other equally famous institutions. It is imperative to use a spam filter. Indeed, some software allows to sort automatically between “real” mails and spam. Also, more and more messaging are offering this service. (gmail, hotmail …) They directly sort the mails they consider as spam and transfer them to a folder “junk mail” or “spam”. This file, emptied regularly, is available at any time. It is therefore possible to check that all the mails redirected in this folder are indeed spam. If one of these mails is not a spam, it is enough then to transfer the mail in the main box of reception. In this way all emails sent by this sender will now be received in the main inbox.

2.     Do not use your email address on the net If you participate in forums or blog, do not use your main email address. Indeed, people who send spam form mailing lists from data they find on the internet including forums or blogs. It is therefore advisable to create a secondary email address, which you only use for voting internet browsing. In the same way, do not write in any letter his email address on a website: for example, it is advisable to use a particular email address like: welcome@siteinternet.com. Some time ago, spam was spreading on social networks using fake user profiles that spread malicious spam through posts and instant messages.  A bigger threat exists nowadays: the use of shortened links (like bit.ly) on Twitter and Facebook that claim to direct you to a site but actually send those who click on these links on malicious sites. Spammers have even managed to invade Instagram: fake users share screenshots of the sites they are trying to broadcast. As always, do not click on suspicious links, but use the tools of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks to help you eliminate those who abuse these platforms.

3.     Do not opt ​​for an email address too easy Computers that send spam, create lists of potential email addresses. For this, they often use large email sites (hotmail.com, Hotmail.fr, gmail.com …) and try different combinations.  If you have a name and a first name “standard”, such as Michael Havil, it is better not to opt for an email address of the type michael.havil@hotmail.com. Indeed, this kind of address will be found very quickly on lists of spammers.

4.     Use the Cloud There are several types of solutions in the IT field that are used to deal with viruses, phishing and spam. The most common that is usually integrated with email is the use of the cloud. It has a secure mode that allows you to manage messages from the company’s server to prevent their use within the internal network that facilitates its contamination. Or, put your address in the hidden copy mode when you forward messages to other users. This trick is intended to avoid the recovery of the main address and that of other recipients with special software.

5.     Use an antivirus It is also possible to go through the solution of antivirus software. However, we must be careful about the choice of this tool, because the protection of messaging is not offered by all developers.  The latter are therefore limited to the protection of the operating system and that of the computer. To ensure the protection of your email, it is important to choose a security application that also covers the security of the e-mail box. These programs then take care of filtering the mails received. They eliminate threats such as spam, viruses and ransomware that land in the inbox. Because none of the precautions mentioned above will protect you completely, always download a robust antivirus system (and keep it updated), which will guarantee you protection against the latest threats and will identify suspicious and phishing websites.

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