Moonlit Night

A Moonlit Night Paragraph

A moonlit night is a night when the full moon shines with the full beam in a clear and bright sky. It is a thing of beauty and joy. The moonlit night is a great attraction to a beauty seeker. It presents a very charming and fascinating aspect of nature.  On that night, the moon looks like a disk of silver. The moon bathes the world with her silvery light. The watery places like canals, rivers, and tanks seem to smile on that night. The beauty is surely unspeakable.

The moonlit night is pleasant to all. On that night, people cannot go to sleep early but enjoy the beautiful sight of nature. The children come out of doors to listen to the stories narrated by their grandmother. The old people pass their times in gossiping and telling story.

As the night goes deep, the serenity and beauty of the night become more enjoyable. Having a walk on the riverside on that particular night is really a pleasant and endurable experience. People of all aged feel pleasure in a moonlit night.  It is a great pleasure and source of recreation for the people. I enjoyed such a night so much that the memory of it will remain ever fresh in my heart. It is really a great blessing of the Creator to men and nature.

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