A train station or railway station

Write a paragraph about A train station or railway station 

A train station or railway station is a railway specific area where trains regularly stop to load or unload passengers, freight, local, intercity or both. We can say that it is a place (platform) from where trains start and stop. Generally it is consists of at least one side platform and a station building with several rooms providing ancillary services as ticket sales, waiting rooms, baggage/goods services.

A railway station is a very important place for railway communication. Passengers get down and get into a train from a railway station. There are two or more railway tracks in every railway station. There are two signals both sides of the railway station one is inner and one is outer. Passengers buy tickets and wait in the railway station waiting room for the arrival of their own destination train. When a train arrives, the station becomes busy and noisy. When a train leaves the station, it again becomes calm and quiet. There are many hawkers in the railway stations. Train journey is safe and better than other means of journey.

Write a paragraph about A train station or railway station

A train station is a place where trains stop to pick up and drop off passengers, and sometimes to load and unload cargo. Train stations can vary in size and complexity, from small rural stations with a single platform to large urban stations with multiple tracks and platforms.

Train stations typically have facilities for passengers, such as ticket offices, waiting rooms, restrooms, and food and drink vendors. Some train stations also have amenities such as left luggage services, lost and found, and tourist information centers.

Train stations may be located in the center of a city or town, or on the outskirts. They are often connected to other forms of transportation, such as buses or taxis, and may have pedestrian or car access.

Train stations are an important hub of transportation, connecting people and goods to different parts of a region or country. They play a vital role in the transportation infrastructure of many countries, and are often the starting point for long-distance travel by train.

regularly = নিয়মিত
passengers = যাত্রী
freight = মালবাহী
local = স্থানীয়
intercity = আন্তঃনগর
ancillary = আনুষঙ্গিক
services = সেবা
baggage/goods = লাগেজ/মালপত্র
important = গুরুত্বপূর্ণ
communication = যোগাযোগ
arrival = আগমন
destinition = গন্তব্য
busy = ব্যস্ত
noisy = সশব্দ
leaves = পাতা
calm = শান্ত
quiet = শান্ত
journey = যাত্রা
safe = নিরাপদ
better = উত্তম

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