Clickable phone number for your site? I was wondering if I can set clickable phone number to my WordPress sidebar or bellow the title so that any users from thier mobile devices can call directly by clicking the phone number besides the desktop/laptop users can call via skype?clickable phone number

clickable phone number






I searches for this and found many options but I will not tell you all and make confusion. Here is the the code you can just put that as a link with the phone number to your site at anywhere you want. <a href=”callto://12508091443″>+1 (250) 809-1443</a> I putted this phone for one of my client here is the clickable phone number website link http://crushonphotography.com .

Also you can put “text” instead on phone number i.e. “Call Me” or a related image

<a href=”callto://12508091443″>Call Me</a> For using a custom image <a href=”callto://12508091443″><img src=”image url” alt=”Call Me” /></a>

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