fill in the gap

Fill in the gaps:

Fill in the gaps for Class IV.

  1. Riya is a 8 years old.
  2. Mahbub Alam is an English teacher.
  3. A doctor helps people.
  4. Mahbub Alam works in a Primary School.
  5. Please don’t talk.
  6. A farmer grows food.
  7. A cobbler mends shoes.
  8. A driver drives a bus.
  9. Help me in the kitchen.
  10. A cobbler mends shoes.
  11. A driver drives a bus.
  12. A blacksmith makes things from metal.
  13. The cat is lazy and slow in the morning.
  14. The crow lives in a tree.
  15. The cat is active in the afternoon.
  16. A frog croaks.
  17. What are you doing?
  18. A lion roars.
  19. The cat washes itself everyday.
  20. The crow gets up late in the morning.
  21. The crow flies in the sky and looks for food.
  22. Sometime the crow eats dirty things.
  23. A dog barks.
  24. They are planting seeds.
  25. They’re watering plants.
  26. The rat is between the cats.
  27. The bag is in front of the door.
  28. The fish is in the net.
  29. The girl is behind the tree.
  30. The ant is on the igloo.
  31. The elephant is under the quilt.
  32. The jeep is near the hut.
  33. The tiger is far from the farm.
  34. The crow is above my head.
  35. The farmer is next to the tubewell.
  36. The cow is eating grass.
  37. The frog wants to be big.
  38. The frog is flying away.
  39. Riya and Mashuk are at the School.
  40. The cat catches rats.

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