Free WP theme responsive must in a days now.  What is responsive?  What is responsive them do for you. It will adjust with different devices and screen even desktop computer and never squeeze.  You can learn more about responsive theme. Basically the design adapts various environment even browsers.

Free WP Theme

You can download the virtue  theme free.

The virtue is a free wp theme as well as it has a paid version. Even you can see the free wp theme (Virtue) acts like a pro/premium theme with multipurpose tons of options. It is easy to customize with great portfolio features supports woocommerce.

How to change the footer credit text and link for the free version. If you search in the web you do not get any help. But if you know little about coding you can do it by yourself even you need not know any coding if you follow my bellow step by step tutorial.

First Create a Child theme. How to create a child theme and why? Now open shortcodes.php file to your favorite cod editor like notepad++ or anything you like.

Second: Now find the functions bellow around line no 14

function kad_themecredit_shortcode_function() {

$my_theme = wp_get_theme();

$output = ‘- WordPress Theme by <a href=”‘.$my_theme->{‘Author URI’}.'”>Kadence Themes</a>’;

return $output;


Now replace the text “WordPress Theme by” with your custom texts. Replace the bellow code with your custom link

‘.$my_theme->{‘Author URI’}.’

Finally change the display text “Kadence Themes” with your custom text and enjoy.

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