Add favicon in zencart is simple follow the bellow step:

At first you need to know that what is a favicon?

A favicon is often called favorites’ icon, you can call it as a shortcut icon. It is an image (16×16) (32×32) or (64×64) pixel square.ico graphic files which are associated with a particular website or webpage. When you add favicon in your website it will show in the browser’s address bar and it will brand your website. Now I will show you how to add favicon in zencart.

If you have no software for creating favicon no worried you can easily convert image (.jpg, .jpeg, .png) online. First go http://www.prodraw.net/favicon/ and click brows and select the file you want to convert After that click upload it (See the picture below).

add favicon

Second step: When picture uploaded you will see as like the below picture. Now select any size you want but for zencart select 16X16 pxel Icon (Favicon.ico Icon Size) then click Generate it!.

favicon generator

Now your favicon is ready for download. Click Download This! There you will see four download button you can use any of them.

favicon download

Now you are ready to add favicon to your website easily by adding the code below to

<head> tag in your HTML:

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”https://healthylivingprotips.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon” />

I will show you how you can add favicon to your zencart ecommerce store? First upload the favicon made for your website to the root directory of your site via filezilla or ftp. Please be patient if you do not see any change it may take some time also you can try bookmark your site and clearing your browser cache and reload the site it will automatically shows favicon no need to change any files/setting.

Note: If you do not see any change for doing the above you can try change setting as described below. Go to

includes/languages/english/custom/meta_tags.php file, uncomment (by removing the two forward slash characters) the define statement for FAVICON as below:

// favicon setting

// Just remove the slash no need to change anything after slash.

Then zencart automatically show favicon all of your webpages.

favicon show in website

you can see my all web pages show my own created favicon (See the above picture). Enjoy add favicon to your zecart website.

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