How to Create Free WordPress Blog

How to Create Free WordPress Blog? Never think it is so easy. I will discuss it now with very easy step by step. First go to WordPress.Com and find “Blog Address” (I inserted newspaperall) and insert your desire blog name in the field bellow. See the picture bellow:

how to create free wordpress blog

First select .wordpress.com from the drop down. When you insert your blog address WP automatically check availability.   When available and you satisfied with your blog url then insert Name Your Blog (I inserted NewsPaper). Now select your blog Privacy from the drop down (I selected it viewable by everyone). After that scroll down and select Free Signup.

You will see in next step as shown in picture bellow.

how to create free wordpress blog

Now you can click any one from these three link. First link will bring you to your blog dashboard. Second link will bring you to general setting for your newly created blog. Third and last link will bring you to the theme of your blog by default. You can change all of this setting later so click the first link Visit your dashboard. All done less than a minutes.

Posts: Now I will show you not all but your required dashboard layout and its implementation a little. First go to dashboard. Now you can see on your left side there is a tab “Posts” click it you will see under it “All Posts” “Add New” “Categories” “Tags”. You can see all post by clicking All Posts. Create new post click add new.

Pages: Now another tab is “Pages” When you click under it All Pages and “Add New” action same as I described for posts.

Comments: You can see your all Comments from the Comments tab.

Appearance tab: Under it Themes, Widgets, Menus, Editor. So you can easily change your theme and edit your theme. Also you can set up widget for your blog if required.

Users tab: You can control your users send invitation add new users and set up their role etc.

Tools: This tab has great use for export your blog post, pages, categories and import from various wp or other sites and blog.

Setting: This tab allow you to set up your reading, writing, general, permalink set up for your blog.

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