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Responsive Website

I was talking with an intending photography and travel blogger. He is actually a photographer who wants to use his blog to promote his art. During our dialogue some days ago, he brought up some issues which we discussed about. He wants to start a blog and I made some suggestions I believe will be of help to him. One of the suggestions is the importance of SEO. He said and I quote “what is the big deal about SEO?” I started by reminding him search engines remain the most visited websites on the planet. This is the more reason why he should design his website to be SEO friendly. He can start by getting knowledge of SEO, ecommerce development, magento development, etc. He can also outsource that function to a reputable ecommerce development company.

I am very sure the individual in this short story is not the only one in need of information such as this. Most people are asking why SEO is important for their website. Haven known why, the question now becomes “how to create a SEO friendly website?” Content management systems have made work easy as regards web development. You can waltz into the website of any of these content management firms and get the website template of your choice that meets your needs. Once you find it, you go ahead to download it and start making modifications to personalize it. Even with a good template, you can still get it wrong if you make some mistakes while designing your website. If you follow these tips listed below, you will be able to create SEO friendly website. By the way, a SEO website is a responsive one.

Optimize images and use them only when necessary

Even for a photography blog, nobody will forgive you for flooding your website with pictures that are not in line with the aim of your content. Images are additional means of conveying your message. In other words, they are secondary. You will hurt your website when you make them primary when designing your website. Even when you use them, you should endeavor to optimize them. Optimizing is different from resizing. Optimizing is the process of reducing the amount of space an image uses without really changing its quality. Resizing on the other hand changes the quality of the image. If you overuse images or do not optimize them, they are likely to slow down your website. Images consume data and data is not something your website visitor will want to waste.

Choose the proper and most suitable hosting service

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web – wikipedia. Going by wikipedia’s definition, you will see that this point is self-explanatory. In case you still do not not understand, I will explain in simpler terms. Web hosts save your website’s contents on their servers. It is these servers that makes it for people to view the content of your website on the internet. You can call your content management system your phone while your web host is your data connection card. Without adequate data connection, you cannot access the internet. No matter how well you design your website, a poor web host will make your website look like trash.

Choose the most suitable template

I always tell people that the term “best” is relative and cannot really be measured. The case of “what is good for the goose is good for the gander” is not universal in this case. Sometimes, what is good for one goose may not be good for another goose. Each template comes with certain plugins. These plugins are what distinguishes one template from the other. Identify which template suits your needs based on its features. Do not choose a template because the competition is using it and it seems to be working. Do not just choose a template because it is termed “best”.

Design a mobile friendly website

Statistics show that majority of internet users access the internet using mobile devices. The percentage last time was about 83% or there about. Most big firms and corporations are adjusting to meet the demands of this trend. Starting with search engines, they are now creating room to allow mobile users have adequate internet access as desktop users. It will be a shame if your website does not give a website user adequate features of your website because he is using a mobile device. You should ensure that your website is mobile friendly. You can modify your website to enable mobile users and desktop users access the same website equally. You can also create two versions of your websites, the mobile and the desktop versions. This will give web users options to choose from depending on their devices.

Your website is like your CV or your office. In some cases, you may not be around to defend it. This is the more reason why you should ensure that it is in the best possible shape. By the best shape I mean that it is as friendly and responsive as possible. Having a SEO friendly website means that your website is as responsive as possible. Nobody wants to wait for more than five seconds for your website to load. Time is precious and life is already difficult. Do not make life any more difficult by wasting the time of your website viewers.

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