The word “Communication” is taken from Latin Communicare word which is act of conveying meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and symbols. The another way we can say that communication is the process of transferring information from one person to another with the use of a medium in which is communicated information is understood by both parties. The way of communication has been changed far from the primitive age to this modern age.

The importance of modern communication increases over days and years in our life and in our life style. We use modern/developed communication systems/methods in all of our daily activities. None can live without communication. In the present world communication plays key role in all the development activities from economy to all relations in national & international activities.

Today we are taking much benefit from communication and none can say anything against this. Communication is key to building relationships, and modern forms of communication allows us to stay in touch with friends and family from anywhere in the world. Today, modern technology dominates our communication. We have a massive range of ways in which we can stay connected.

To apprise about how important the modern communication in today’s life and how it plays in our daily life style.

Ancient era communication system

The history of communication itself can be traced back since the origin of speech around 500,000 BCE (Before Common Era). The use of technology in communication may be considered since the first use of symbols about 30,000 years BCE. Among the symbols used, there are cave paintings, petroglyphs (A petroglyph is an image created by removing part of a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, or abrading, as a form of rock art), pictograms and ideograms. The oldest known symbols created for the purpose of communication were cave paintings, a form of rock art, dating to the Upper Paleolithic age.

Pictures of Petroglyphs, Pictograms and Ideograms

Writing was a major innovation, as well as printing technology and, more recently, telecommunications and the Internet.

  • Early Scripts. The oldest-known forms of writing were primarily logographic in nature, based on pictographic and ideographic elements.      The invention of the first writing systems is roughly contemporary with the beginning of the Bronze Age in the late Neolithic of the late 4000 BC.
  • Alphabet.      The first pure alphabets emerged around 2000 BC in Ancient Egypt, but by then alphabetic principles had already been incorporated into Egyptian hieroglyphs for a millennium.

26th century BC Sumerian cuneiform script

  • Storytelling. Verbal communication is one of the earliest forms of human communication; the oral tradition of storytelling has dated back to various times in history.

Modern Invention of Communication System

The channel of communication can be visual, auditory, tactile (e.g. Braille or other physical means), olfactory, electromagnetic, or biochemical. None can live without communication. Today’s communication has brought new era in the development of the world. In this aspect the advantages of the communication is remarkable and can be seen everywhere from the world. There are many benefits of the modern communication in all the fields. Earlier, there were no telephones, fax machines, internet, TV, mobile phones, RADAR, Sat Phone, VoIP phone or any other present resources of communication.

Present communication has made the world a global village. This means today the world is such a small place for which through communication we can learn what is going on anywhere in the world through internet or phone or by other means of communications. Even in the aspects of education one can get all the information requires from the internet. Today communication has made you to feel that the world is at your fingertips.

Modern communication plays vital role in war/battlefields and in peace. Many modern communication system/methods are invented which are so powerful and active in war and peace. Various types of RADAR system are very helpful for a defense of a country.

Ten inventions that changed how we communicate.

10 inventions that changed how we communicate Advantages of Modern Communication

Advantages of Modern Communication

In the modern world, most nations attempt to minimize the risk of war caused by miscommunication or inadequate communication. As a result, military communication is intense and complicated, and often motivates the development of advanced technology for remote systems such as satellites and aircraft, both manned and unmanned. Sometimes it supports intelligence-gathering and communication between adversaries, and thus sometimes prevents war.

Modern communication systems used by the military in some of the most hostile areas of the earth and in challenging environments such as battlefields, on land, underwater and also in air. Drums, horns, flags, and riders on horseback were some of the early methods the military used to send messages over distances. In the middle 20th century radio equipment came to dominate the field.

The Google Translator can translate many languages but it is online and you need internet to get that facility. But the latest invention is MUAMA Enence a mini translator. The MUAMA Enence is a small language computer that can translate into more than 40 languages in real time. Just speak your sentences into the device and it will be translated perfectly into any language so that you can easily communicate with your counterpart. Without time-consuming and costly language courses, you can now communicate freely and anytime and anywhere with anyone you meet.

No matter whether he speaks your mother tongue or not. With this mini translator you can understand everyone in the world from now on, because the device can translate your sentences into any language in real time. It is hardly possible to master every language of the world perfectly and especially those who often have to deal with many different languages will find a lot of help for their activities in the MUAMA Enence, because it reproduces your spoken words and the words of yours in real time counterpart. This ensures perfect communication.

It makes life, everyday life and work easier. You no longer need to memorize tons of vocabulary and expressions, because from now on the language translator will do it all for you. This device will also be very useful at home to converse with foreign-language people who have just arrived in the country.

The small speech computer is visually reminiscent of an MP3 player or iPod and is also handled similarly: You press and hold the “A” button and speak your sentence or even longer sentences into the device. Then you release the button and receive your translation in the desired language. Your counterpart immediately receives your answer in their native language manner. The other way around works the same way: Your counterpart speaks into the device while holding the “B” button and as soon as you release the button, you receive the German translation of your foreign-language counterpart.

Muama Enence

Image Credit enence.com

So far, many people have had to deal with a number of expensive language courses before going on vacation or speaking to their counterpart on business trips or meetings. This is over now, because you only have to pay for one purchase and only one price and you have all the languages ​​of the world in your hand.

The MUAMA Enence language translator is a great help for various areas of life, where it is necessary that you speak different languages. But learning new languages ​​costs time and money and very few have that. If it is often not just a new language, but three or more, a language course is definitely only stress and hectic. Especially if you want it to be quick. That is why the compact, small language translator is perfect for mutual understanding, which not only benefits you, but also your counterpart, so that misunderstandings do not arise and therefore no embarrassing moments.

Features of Traditional and Modern Means of Communication

Traditional means of communication have a passive audience meaning that the audience are not involved in the content in the medium while modern means of communication have an active audience are participating in the content in the medium. The similarity between these two is that both of them have a medium for the audience. Traditional media: books, newspapers, magazines, television, and radio. Modern media: the internet, e-mail, social media, and blogging. Traditional media is more reliable than modern media due to the established years of quality content given to the audience. Modern media is still young yet has potential to grow more advanced. Traditional media is one-to-many and modern media is one-to-one.

Traditional communication is a practice that’s followed since ancient times. Conventional methods of communication involved in face-to-face communication, radio, television, sending messages over postcard and envelopes. You could recall having seen a performance,      stage-show, these follow the method of mass communication in which people do take away messages.

Impact of Modern Communication in Our Life

Now we are using the advance communication equipment’s to educate our children from facilities like internet to projectors. At the present many countries in the world is using the internet medical care. Modern communications have made communication and information transmission easier, faster, less expensive and more efficient. With modern communication, we can communicate with family and friends without all the complexities by either audio/video calls, or sending text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages from one smart phone to another instantly regardless of what data plan the two people have. You can also broadcast single messages to multiple persons at a time.

  1. Email. While easily abused and – conversely – one of the oldest forms of digital communication available to us, email remains an entirely relevant way by which we can keep in touch.
  2. Instant Messaging. Services such as WhatsApp, Viber, IMO, Messenger etc. are now at home and in the office as they are a permanent fixture within social circles. You can easily manage your office and stuffs or family by simply of your figure touch.
  3. Social Media. Facebook’s decision to launch a new business-centric platform called ’Workplace’, is a testament to how powerful a form of communication social media is in the modern age. By using Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc we communicate with our community and family members easily and can get up-to-date news.
  4. In-app Communication. Increasingly, business software includes integrated communication methods, enabling teams to discuss projects, sales leads and support queries in-line with their daily tasks. We can manage our stuffs and detailed them on duty and task and take the accountability of store/business daily easily via in-app communication.
  5. Video Conferencing. In this modern communication system it is very useful and cost effective and easy way to keep your key personnel, colleagues, relatives and your family in touch. Advances in technology have made video conferencing via services like Skype, IMO, Viber and FaceTime available to all. For example, our task to plan a conference with partners from different countries for business purpose become easy. In this modern communication system we can easily do a video and live conference via internet. So if we do not use modern communication we need to select a venue where all parties will meet from different countries and this is will cost us much and loss of our valuable time.


As modern technology grows and advances by leaps and bounds, so too does its effect on our life and society. The impact of technological improvements on communication, in particular, has been extensive and largely positive, helping people keep in touch with each other more effectively and efficiently. In the prehistoric era, humankind communicated information using images, characters, sounds, and later music from the sender to the receiver. However, the uniqueness of this information was not always clearly given and messages communicated by this means did not always reach the intended recipient.

In the course of time many possibilities derived from technical-evolutionary ideas which have been developed for communication, cooperation, and exchange of information over many centuries. Ultimately it is the human drive to be successful and efficient in communicating, processing, and transmitting information that drives this process. A communication tool is not simply a tool for communication but it supports us in our everyday life and it is also a “tool” in our professional dealings at work, to give us information and knowledge to help us make more informed decisions better and faster.

This technological advancement affects not only our individual lives but also structures in which companies and even the global economy cooperates and collaborates. The developments were tools of communication which eventually seeded the development of today’s modern communication. By using the modern communication system there is not only comprehensive efficiency but also cost saving without investing more.

Now a day no one can live without using modern communication system. We can’t start a day without it. Day by day we are being dependable of using modern communications system in our life. It’s being a part of our life. It has increased work speed. It brings people a lot closer.

We cannot move without it during wartime or during peace time. In the modern communication system, new innovations are constantly increasing its dynamics. In the future we will get more benefit from the modern communication since it will develop day by day, thus bringing more development to our world in all the areas.


Everyone will admit that the modern communication system has changed our life and life style much and it has made our lives easier and faster. On the other side, improved communication systems have also made our lives more complicated. Nowadays technology allows people to access every service they need without having to step outside. Unfortunately, this leads to isolation and can even cause psychological problems like depression. Man is a social being and finds pleasure in the company of fellow social beings.

Interestingly, many people now only connect with their online friends. They don’t even know who lives next doors. It is surprising that modern technology that allows us to communicate with others has also made face to face interactions a thing of past. So we need to handle carefully the modern communication technologies. Communication technology has definitely enriched our lives in many ways. There are some negative aspects to this, but the advantages outweigh disadvantages.


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