Submit Google Sitemap WordPress into Google webmaster tools. You may ask why I submit Submit Google Sitemap? This will help your site indexing in Google Search and give visitors better crawl of your website. It is so simple process and you can easily create sitemap and submit to Google Webmaster if you can follow my tutorial. This tutorial is only for beginners.

Submit Google SitemapThere are many ways to create a sitemap. I used a WordPress plugins that allows you to create XML sitemaps.You may start thinking why XML Sitemaps? Because some of the webmaster/Search Engine website do not allow html sitemaps.

Submit Google Sitemap WordPress First Step:

Login to  your admin dashboard (Your domain/wp-admin) then go to “Plugins” and from the drop down click “Add New“. Now put “Google XML Sitemaps” in the search box and click “Search“.Submit Google Sitemap You will find Google XML Sitemaps Version 3.4 or greater (See the screenshot image). Click Install Now after installing Activate Plugins.

Second Step:

Go to Settings>SML-Sitemaps you will get a dialog that “The sitemap wasn’t built yet. Click here to build it the first time”. Before generating the sitemap do some basic setup. Scroll down and you can either include some option as you required. then click “Update Options” before that be sure under “Update notification” all box are checked. Now Click here to build sitemap. Your sitemap will immediately create. You will see something like “Your sitemap was last built on December 4, 2013 11:23″. Now click sitemap wow all done creating sitemap. Your sitemap link will be yourdomain/sitemap.xml

Final Step:

Login to Google Webmaster tools click ADD A SITE then Enter the URL of a site you’d like to manage now click Continue. Now you need to verify your site first.submit google sitemap

After verify your site click Sitemaps see the picture above. After that click ADD/TEST SITEMAPS this will bring up a dialog box see the bellow picture. Just put sitemap.xml into the box. Now you can test the sitemap before you submit or directly you can click submit sitemap after that refresh the page.

submit sitemapEnjoY

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