Write a Paragraph about - A School Library
School library is a library within a school where students, staff, and often, parents of a public or private school have access to a variety of book collections.

A School Library | Write a Paragraph –  (Short Version)

A school library is a place where collections of books are kept for the people to read or borrow. It is an important part of a school. Most of the schools have a separate building for the library. There are Almira’s and shelves where books are ordered in rows. It is an important part of a school.

There is a librarian in the school for running their library. There is a reading room for the students and the teachers. They sit there and study for hours long. Students can also borrow book by showing there library card. Thereby a library is a place of acquiring knowledge. It makes people learned and sophisticated.

Your School Library (Medium Version)

A School library is a place where books are kept for reading. It is set up in the school compound mainly for the benefit of the students. A school library is a part and parcel of a school. We have a very well furnished library in our school. It is housed on the first floor in a big room of the school building. It has a very rich collection of books. The library has more than one thousand books. Books of almost all branches of knowledge are available in the library.

The books are kept in 20 almirahs. The books are arranged in different shelves according to subjects. In the library there is also a librarian. He helps the students to find books. Students sit and get absorbed in books. A pin-drop silence exists there. We can borrow books from the library for a certain period. We can enrich our knowledge by reading books in the library. Whenever I get chance, I hurry there and have a glance at the books of varied interests.

School Library

A school Library refers to a library with books essential, which belongs to a school. It is usually housed in suitable places within the school boundary. In fact, a library is a part and parcel of an educational institution. That is why; our school has a rich library. It is housed in a separate building. Our school library is well-decorated.

There are three big rooms in it. The two rooms are reading rooms. Boys and girls have separate rooms. In the other room books are arranged in almiras. There are about 5,000 books in our library. They include many reference books on our different subjects. It also contains some rare books on history and culture. Only the students can read and borrow books from the school library. For this they are issued library cards. A student can borrow two or three books at a time and keep them at home for a week.

But in the reading room is allowed to read as many books as he can. It remains open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. except on holidays. Our school library is a great attraction for us. We are really proud of it.

A School Library

Long Version Paragraph

A library is a temple of learning. It is usually a building or room. Books and magazines are kept for the students to read or borrow. No school is complete without a library. A well-equipped library is a great asset to a school. It is equally useful for students and teachers. A library is a must for a good school. It helps to develop reading habit. It is generally situated in a corner of the school.

There are two parts in it. In one part there is a reading room and a counter for issuing books. There is a librarian to issue books. In other part books are arranged in almirahs and book shelves. There are tables and chairs in the reading room. There are many kinds of books in it. These books include all branches of knowledge like religion, science, history, philosophy, language, literature, biography, autobiography, mathematics, economics, stories, novels, poems etc. A student can borrow three books at a time and are allowed to keep books at home for a week.

It is, so to speak, a library is a storehouse of knowledge. Really the true function of a school library is to supply the students’ useful books that widen their knowledge and help them to grow up intellectually. So every student should go to the library regularly in order to equip themselves with knowledge about different things and subjects.

Word Meaning:

collections= সংগ্রহ, borrow = ধার করা, important = গুরুত্বপূর্ণ, librarian = গ্রন্থাগারিক, acquiring = অর্জন, sophisticated = অত্যাধুনিক, benefit = সুবিধা, furnished = সজ্জিত, rich collection = সমৃদ্ধ সংগ্রহ, temple = পীঠস্থান / মন্দির,  well-equipped = সুসজ্জিত, asset = সম্পদ, habit = অভ্যাস, book shelves = বইয়ের তাক, storehouse of knowledge = জ্ঞানের ভাণ্ডার, widen = বিস্তীর্ণ করা, intellectually = বুদ্ধিবৃত্তিকভাবে

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