Write Paragraph Leisure time

Leisure Time/Pastime:

Leisure means free time with no particular activities. People usually spend their leisure doing recreational activities. But these activities vary from person to person, society to society and country to country. The village people spend their leisure/pastime gossiping, swimming, fishing etc. But city people spend their leisure time reading books, visiting places, playing video games and many others. I usually spend my leisure/pastime drawing and painting. I also go out for walks. Sometimes, I go swimming in the river. It keeps me fit. So leisure removes the monotony of everyday life. It gives us energy to handle our routine based work. Thus, we should enjoy our leisure.

Leisure/ Pastime

Leisure is the time when a man is free from routine work. Anyone can do whatever he likes best. In a word, it is a temporary relief from the monotonous routine task of our daily life. Village people spend their leisure time flying kites, fishing, playing swimming and gardening. City people spend their leisure time by shopping, reading books, watching television, using computers, going to parks and zoos.

The common sports are football, cricket, ha-du-du, chess etc. The common pastimes are gossiping, listening to the radio, watching television, reading books and newspapers etc. In late winter, nature looks very beautiful and the sky remains very clear. Different kinds of flowers are blooming everywhere. People enjoy it very much. In the late winter, many people travel from one place to another and enjoy the natural beauty. Besides, people enjoy various kinds of games like badminton, volleyball, dariabandha and ha-du-du etc. Traveling is a good leisure activity. It refreshes our mind and broadens our outlook.

Nevertheless, it is true that traveling is an expensive pastime. As I am a student, I do not get much time for leisure. I spend my leisure/pastime playing cricket and reading novels on holiday, watching television and visiting many nice places. However, leisure should be significant for everyone.

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